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The Loves of Pharaoh, Ernst Lubitsch, 1921, Germany

The official release date of the DVD and BluRay has been June 30th 2012.

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This digital restoration recreates the original color tinting scheme in accordance to the only surviving projection print fragments. This release makes the original orchestral score available for the first time ever on recorded media.

Additional Material:

- Booklet: 20. pages, color. Texts and images relating to the film and the restoration: Introduction by Thomas Bakels, personal message to the fans from Ms Nicola Lubitsch, Essay by Kristin Thompson, Interview with Frank Strobel, Text by Egyptology expert Bernt Müller
- Trailer: English, German
- Production documentation: location shots, photos of missing scenes, programme booklet - Filmkurier Berlin 1922 (BluRay disc only)
- The Return of Lubitsch’s Pharaoh: A documentary about the restoration of The Loves of Pharaoh, depicting the complex restoration project in pictures and narration about the making of the film, interviews with contributors and scene comparisons. Information about color selection, technical procedures and source material is provided as well as a context to the new recording of the original music score. (35mins)
- Film concert: A high-class program in its own right is this HD recording of WDR Rundfunkorchester performing the music score in Cologne, Germany, on 14th and 15th September 2011. This program was produced by ALPHA-OMEGA digital especially for this release. Assembled using footage from 16 cameras strategically placed within the orchestra, the music takes center stage and the film becomes the supporting act. The outstanding performance of the orchestra under the direction of Frank Strobel finally completes the film and can be experienced in full length and from close-up with this first ever recording of Künneke’s score. (100 mins)

Language Versions:

German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Arabic

The film is presented in 10 selectable language versions. The title cards are re-created as full screen intertitles as was common practice for foreign releases in the silent film era. The titles were translated by colleagues and friends who came to the project with a profound subject expertise. For the German, English, French and Italian versions the original type face could be used. The Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Arabic versions exhibit a different appearance due to their unique characteristics.

Technical Specifications:

DVD Edition: 1*DVD9 + 1*DVD9
BluRay Edition: 1*BluRay50
Duration: Main Feature: approx. 100min, Additional Material: approx. 144min
Frame Rate: 20 f/s
Resolution: PAL, 720×576 (DVD) | NTSC, 720×480 (DVD) | HD 1920×1080 (BD)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (1,33:1) (main feature)
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 (DVD) | PCM 2.0 Stereo (DVD & BluRay)| DTS-HD 5.1 (BluRay)
Source Material: Original Russian and Italian nitrate release prints
FSK 0: No age restriction in Germany

Public Performance and Institutional Rights

For public performance rights please contact the ALPHA-OMEGA digital Team.

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Restoration Credits

Reconstruction: Filmmuseum München, Bundesarchiv Filmarchiv
Source material: Bundesarchiv Filmarchiv, Filmmuseum München, George Eastman House (Roberto Pallme Collection)
Film digitization and digital image restoration: ALPHA-OMEGA digital München
Original score: Eduard Künnecke
Adapted by: Frank Strobel
Music performed by: WDR Rundfunkorchester Köln
Conducted by: Frank Strobel
Sound engineer: Georg Niehusmann
Audio engineers: Enrique Foedtke, Christoph Gronarz
Audio control: Walter Platte
Production assistant: Jens Uwe Völmecke
Music production: Michael Breugst
Editorial department: Nina Goslar (ZDF)
Music publisher: Ries&Erler, Berlin
Archive materials: Akademie der Künste, Berlin
Photos: British Film Institute, Bundesarchiv Filmarchiv, Deutsches Filminstitut, Deutsche Kinemathek, Filmmuseum München

Special thanks to: GEMA-Stiftung, F.W. Murnau – Stiftung

We are especially grateful to the following individuals for their substantial contribution:
Enno Patalas
Paolo Cherchi-Usai
Nina Goslar
Andreas Meurer

Produced by
WDR and ZDF in collaboration with ARTE

About the Film
Restoration Case Study
DVD & BluRay